Newwyn Marketing is one of the establish wholesaler in refurbished laptop & Pc industry. We provide the best price and quality product to the customer. Newwyn Marketing Company supply refurbished computer system and LCD Monitor for more than 8 years. We provide all kinds of branded refurbished laptop and refurbished PC from others countries such as China, Japan, Hong Kong and so on. All of the refurbished laptop and refurbished PC are always being examined before sale to Malaysia. We keep all of it carefully and well packed to make sure the product are well-protected Later on, all of the refurbished laptop and refurbished PC will be sent to our factory to categories it and will be sent to our retail outlet for last examine externally and to ensure the product are workable before put it on the shelf to sell. In 2015, we decide to expard our business by having a new channel which is selling through the internet. We would like to promote our product to a wider range of customer and customer are able to purchase no longer in our retail outlet, they can get it through online In this website. Customer are able to check out the latest promotion, latest budget and with a more concise specification of all of the products besides that, customers have more interactive by using the live chat to have more understanding about our company product information. Other than that, the price are much more cheaper purchasing through online. It gives the advantage to the customer who wants a good quality of product with the lowest price. In the end, our main objective will stick to the same philosophy “we save and you deserve the best of it”